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Life Mastery Tribe

Inspiring 1 Million Hearts and more...

The Life Mastery Tribe is part of the larger family of Brilliance Mission platforms founded by special operations soldier turned motivational speaker and author Rodolfo Young.

With over 23 years dedicated to personal development, international travel, teaching to students globally, and 2 years in silent practice, Rodolfo has emerged with a mission to empower, motivate, and reveal the brilliance in a million hearts and more.

This Community...

Growing with community is a powerful way to keep yourself on track with personal development goals.

Here on the Life Mastery Tribe, you can private message, group chat, post, and comment your thoughts with one another on different topics and resources of personal and professional life mastery.

You can find out about the best new courses, get a recommendation for your next great book, or find amazing articles, quotes, and inspiring content here.

You can even keep in touch on the go via the mobile app - just sign up below.

Life Mastery Tribe

Take your personal development to the next level with premium resources, community, and support.

It's free to join the Life Mastery Tribe, even if you haven't purchased any courses or programs.  Your activity feed will keep you inspired with great personal development resources and conversations.

  • You can interact with other students and personal development enthusiasts.  
  • You can find events, articles, inspiring posts, and great recommendations.
  • You can join others in focused mastery groups and courses, like Unravelling Relationships, 9 Breaths to Breakthrough, and more. 
  • Receive a 60% discount for premium courses on the BrillianceEDU learning portal.
  • You have FREE access to the Heart Talks library, a collection of discussions covering life, love, self-discovery, happiness and success.
  • Search content based on organized topics such as love, motivation, business skills, and more.
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